Zanias “Through This Collapse”

CGI shot created for the official video clip of the soundtrack “Through This Collapse”

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Ouroboros Berlin

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3D animation

I have been contacted by the duo of  directors and video editors Jeremy Carne and Nikolas Kasinos; to help them creating a full CGI shot for the official music video of the soundtrack “Through This Collapse”, from the Berlin based artist Zanias.

My task was to create a disolution effect of a human body. The 3D mesh I have used is a full 3D scan of the artist herself that was delivered to me by the agency. To tackle this task I have decided to use simple cloth simulations created in Cinema4D.

Director: Jeremy Carne, Nikolas Kasinos
Editing: Jeremy Carne, Nikolas Kasinos
Cinematographer: Johan Planefeldt
Gaffer: Robert De Koning
Assistant: Camilla Chaves
Stylist: Andrei Yakovlev Mich
Hair & Makeup: Hermes Pittakos
Costume: UY, Melissa Tofton, Degenerotica, Andrei Yakovlev Mich, Gareth Pugh
Links: Zanias Bandcamp, Ouroboros Berlin
Apps: After Effects, cinema4D
Role: animation, dynamic simulation , lighting and rendering