video explainer introducing wacom inkspace and it’s unique digital ink

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Wacom / Congaz Berlin

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2D animation

I have participated in the creation of the video explainer for Wacom and its digital ink application “Inkspace”. The principe consist in converting hand drawn sketches into a digital ink format readable by the Wacom devices, thus, allowing users to carry their work everywhere effortlessly.

The project took place at Congaz Berlin. My role was to animate some of the shots for this video and create secondary animations playing seamlessly in loop, to help populating the grid layout that was designed for the last sequence, creating a rich and intricate feel to this project. Below are still images of the shots I have helped to create.

Apps: After Effect, Illustrator, Trapcode Particular
Role: 2D animation
Links: Inkspace, Congaz
Contact: matthieuchauvirey@gmail.com