time gate

video presentation of the time gate device, allowing a full virtual reality experience

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design & animation

Time Gate is a virtual reality experience allowing users to visit and discover the location where they are, at a specific period of History.

To illustrate better the concept, we have decided to recreate the Paritzer Platz in full CGI and create a short preview of what the experience could be for the users, when they connect their headset and start navigating in the virtual location. In the given context, we have illustrated the idea by using a post WW2 era.

As sole animator on this project and to make sure that I could deliver on time, I went for a slick “clay render” look and used only simple camera animations.

Additional titles were designed in Photoshop then imported in After Effect. Imported data from Cinema4D helped me to integrate seamlessly these titles, giving the shot an elegant, yet intricate futuristic feel.

Apps: C4D, After Effects, Photoshop
Role: design, modelling, lighting / shading  animation, compositing
Contact: matthieuchauvirey@gmail.com