the trip – short film

presentation of the title animation created for the short film “the trip”

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concept & animation

The Trip is a short film written and directed by my friend Ozan Tasci. We had a great time working together when both completing our internship at OMstudios and it was a great pleasure to collaborate with him and try to create a compelling title animation for his ambitious first short film.

The concept was to create a title animation that would follow the end of the film and continue the “trip” through the abyss, toward the After-Life.

At the time, I was working on a modest laptop, therefore I had to figure out a workflow that wouldn’t suffer from technical limitations. I came up with the idea of creating a variety of pressets consisting in several pre-rendered smoke simulations created within Cinema4D with the plugin Turbulence FD. I have also generated several type of particle presets, trying to emulate an ink-drop effect, and pre-rendered my simulations to be able to comp everything in After Effect later on and have a more flexible workflow to design my scenes quicker. These elements were also combined to real ink footage, shot by Ozan.

Apps: C4D, After Effects, Trapcode Particular, TurbulenceFD
Role: design, smoke simulation, particle simulation, animation, compositing
Cast: Goncalves da Silva, Jenny Theisen, Felix Saur, Dennis Fischer, Denis Wiencke, Codi
Director: Ozan Tasci, Mirko Sonsala
Writter: Ozan Tasci
Director of Photography: Ozan Tasci, Mirko Sonsala
Second Unitr: Thorsten Gruna, Alexander Jarosch, Jannika Edler
Music: Tom Heckman
Sound Design: Yvo Hauschild
Boom Operator: Lefti
Make Up: Nicole Gnoth