The Macallan Brand Experience

content creation for a multi media installation taking place at the macallan distillery in scotland

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The Edrington Group / Tamschick Media+Space

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3D animation

The Multi award winning Macallan Brand Experience, result of the collaboration between Atelier Brückner and Tamschick Media+Space, was one of the major project I made in the year 2017.

This unique immersive experience is a journey through the creation process of a unique Whisky. The installation take place inside the Macallan Distillery and consist in four installations, all presenting a specific aspect of the process or featuring the diversity and richness of product from the brand.

My contribution was the creation of a full CGI forest sequence, showing the organic growth of the two main trees used to make the casks in which the Whisky is aging and fermenting.

The animation shows the growth and aging of the two main Oak Trees (Quercus Robus and Quercus Alba) from the seed state to their mature form. My role was to elaborate a method to create and animate these two trees. I completed the task by using Cinema4D and Mograph, coming up with a parametric setup that allowed us to design the trees and complete the animation on time. My role at Tamschick also covered the complete compositing of my 3D sequence.

For more informations, please visit the project page of the respective owners.
Details about the setup created to generated the trees can be found here : mograph / parametric trees

Apps: C4D, After Effects
Role: styleframes, modelling, lighting / shading  animation, compositing
links: Tamschick Media+Space, Atelier Brückner, The Macallan