This is the presentation of a mograph setup I made last year.
The task for me was to find a solution to create semi realistic looking trees capable of growing and moving “organically” in their idle state.
For this I have used only mograph cloners, combined to Mospline objects and sweep nurbs.
The organisation of the many “layers” of clones is inspired by the plugin Forester and its “levels”.
Basically, I have reproduced the same thing : first level is a big branch, second level is a group of three smaller branches growing at the tip of the big branch, third level is another subdivision of the previous branches, etc, etc … last level consist in the leaves.
This setup allows many iterations, for exemple, the palm tree uses only three levels of branching : first level is the main branch, second level is the stem and third level is the leaf.
The interest of using Mosplines is the very high level of control of the splines, ease of use to change the design, and the possibility to use a spline effector to clone the next levels over the first one very accurately.
Keeping everything “parametric” was benefitial because the “level of detail” in the viewport could work perfectly so it was very easy to preview the animations quickly and to keep a decent framerate while testing.
Apps: C4D, Redshift 3D, After Effects