mobile gate

video explainer presenting the mobile gate product to potential investors and customers

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concept & animation

Mobile Gate is a device used to cast informations in specific areas. Thus, the people present can access unique informations related to their surrounding.

The video presents several scenarios such as Museum or car fair and explain briefly how the system works.

I have made the concept and animation of this project.

It was very interesting as I had to model and animate everything by myself. To make it more easy, I have decided to go for an elegant “low poly” look and build my concept around the simplicity of the design. I have organised my shots in several mini islands that pop-up, creating a seamless flow through the video.

The challenge was very interesting for me as I had to figure out how to combine the secondary 2D animations that I have built in After Effect, with my curent 3D scenes, creating an intricate depth into the several layers of animation occuring on the screen.

The completion time was actually pretty quick, around 4 weeks, considering that I had to figure out a visual style, model each single asset and create elegant secondary 2D animations.

Apps: C4D, After Effects, Ps, Illustrator
Role: storyboard, modelling, lighting / shading  animation, compositing