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CGI animation created from still images

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Kia Motors / Omstudios

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3D animation

While at Omstudios Berlin, I had the opportunity to participate in the creation of this very compelling animation which is entirely based on pictures.

This was one of my assigments as an intern there and my first commercial project.
I have been using Cinema4D in production for the first time, after a couple of month of practice.

I still consider this projection mapping project as one of the most advanced in its category. We have been recreating in Photoshop absolutely each missing part of both, the car and the background.
Afterward we have reprojected the textures onto the geometry,thus, allowing us to move the car freely in its 3D environment.

Several years later, I am still very proud of the work we did and keep a very great memory of this project and the team.

Below, the serie of still images will show you the several shots I have been in charge of creating.

Apps: C4D, After Effects, Photoshop
Role: texture creation and retouch, camera mapping, animation, compositing
Links: Omstudios Berlin