I have decided to learn Houdini during the lockdown and one of its many aspects that fascinated me the most, was the volumes.
I have decided to learn how to generate and control VDB’s by following the excellent Entagma tutorial serie about volumes .
From there and after having fully understood what I have been rebuilding, I have spent several days creating my own setups from scratch, adding new controlers and features to achieve different results.
Initially my goal was to render a few stills to get through the process of building and rendering something inside Houdini but as I enjoyed the motion of the volumes, I wanted to figure out a way to animate them.
This was the opportunity for me to learn even more about Houdini and get a real overview of this application to make it my tool of choice for any future creations.
I am allready acustomed to Redshift inside Cinema4D, so I naturally went down to use it inside Houdini for my renders.
Apps: SideFx Houdini, Redshift3D
Contact: matthieuchauvirey@gmail.com