Edward Snowden: Whistleblower or spy ?

Title animation for the documentary retracing the path of E. Snowden after he’s been accused of treason by the American government.

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GTV / Mayhem

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styleframes & animation

I have been contacted by Mayhem to work on a documentary project. The main team has been working on the visual infographics and visual langage for the lower third title animations while my task was to design and animate the credits.

The only material we had to use and received from the agency was a simple PDF document featuring some of the informations disclosed by Snowden.
From this modest asset and a single stock footage, I have been able to design this compelling animation.

Below is the title animation as we delivered it, without the names so the editing team could decide for the order of appearance of the credits.

The serie of still images shows the styleframes I have created in Photoshop and After Effect. The final animation is simply the animation of the several elements I have comped together and frozen in time. My main tool for this project was the amazing plugin Trapcode Form that I have been using to spawn on a grid different types of particle sprites to give the title a more intricate look while using 3D layers in After Effects.

Apps: After Effects, Photoshop, Trapcode Form
Role: storyboard, animation, compositing
Links: documentary official website, Mayhem Pictures Berlin
Contact: matthieuchauvirey@gmail.com