Dortmund Fußballmuseum

elaboration of a concept video used for the current 360° movie theater inside the Dortmund Fußbalmuseum

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Deutsches Fußballmuseum / TRIAD Berlin

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concept & animation

For my first job at TRIAD Berlin, I was contacted to participate to the elaboration of a concept video.

TRIAD was contacted to come up with a content idea to be displayed in the 360° Movie Theater inside the Dortmund Deutsches Fußballmuseum. The concept consist in a presentation of the highlights of the Bundesliga Championship over the last decades until now.

For this, we had to create two animations, both displayed and connected to each other: one displayed on a regular screen that would drive progressively the audience to the second screen that is a projection mapping onto a custom surface.

The concept video presents the idea and how it could be done. The Museum has approved our concept and the show is currently on air.

My role in the project was to elaborate the projection mapping animation and transitions, using cinema4D to simulate various transitions that would link the different clips together seamlessly. I was also in charge of the content creation for the projection on the second screen, including comping my 3D animations in After Effect and create the final shot of the Bundesliga Trophy. I also took over the editing of the two clips that were, afterward, reprojected onto the 3D models, to simulate the setup of a real projection mapping.

For the final delivery, I have decided to create two distinctive versions, using the same renders and compositing passes. The official version is the one with colors, alternative version was used as still images to present the room to the client and explain the setup.

Apps: C4D, After Effects
Role: styleframes, concept, 3D animation, compositing, final render
Links: Triad Berlin, DeutschesFußballmuseum