“Die Sammlerin” Short Film

digital make-up created in post-production

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visual effects

“An old man contemplates life and remembers his most important
relationship with a mysterious young woman”.


For his second short film, my friend Ozan Tasci asked me to create a digital make-up for the main protagonist. The idea was to create a face painting that has a very raw, primitive, ancient feel. We are both fine Black Metal connoisseur so it was really fun to do something kind of related to this particular type of music.

I also helped with some slick, invisible compositing task such as a couple of microphone removal on the shots of the old man.

Below is a before / after of the digital makeup shots I have made.

Director: Ozan Tasci, Matthias Loker
Story: Ozan Tasci, Matthias Loker
Young Woman: Laura Berlin
Old Man: Arne Fuhrmann
Director of Photography: Ozan Tasci, Matthias Loker, Martin Herold
Steadycam Operator: Mirko Sonsala
Costume Design: Simone Holl
Sound: Thilo Masuth
Editor: Ozan Tasci
Sound Design: Simon Zimmermann
Music: Andreas Ernst
Title Design: Jonas Möllenbeck
VFX: Matthieu Chauvirey
Apps:After Effects, Photoshop
Role: design, tracking, rotoscoping, compositing
Contact: matthieuchauvirey@gmail.com