CyberWeek typographic animation

Typographic animation created for an internal video, celebrating the hard work of Zalando’s crew.

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Zalando SE

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concept & animation

Simple, yet, elegant animation created for Zalando during the CyberWeek within a day and a half.
The goal was to come up with some nice typographic overlays for an internal video.
I have decided to create a very simple slide in/ slide out animation  to quickly animate all the copies and add some simple time displacement on top of it to add more complexity and interest to the whole thing.
This first video is actually a sort of full effects “show off” that I have used to present the whole thing to the team. I have decided to cumulate three different styles to show them how much we can get from this simple rig I have created for this occasion.

It was a sweet little project that came out very nicelly thanks to the use of a couple of After Effects expression.

Scripting was very helpfull and helped me to be able to modify anything on the fly in no time. Also, it made it possible to create several versions of the typo animation, so that I could render out different options that the editor could decide to use to add on top of his footage.

Bellow is a presentation of the final animations that were rendered out and used in the final video.

Apps: After Effects
Role: concept & animation