I am Matthieu Chauvirey, a self-taught Motion Designer from France.

Since June 2015, I am working as a freelancer in Berlin.
Over the last years, I had the chance to collaborate with several Berlin based agencies : AKQA, Tamschick Media+Space, Omstudios, TRIAD, LODE, Mayhem, Lux-Fero and Congaz Berlin.

Together we have been working for international clients such as: Here, the Wolkswagen Group, Wacom, Nu3, Phillip Morris, Kia, Favre-Leuba and The Edrington Group.

My tool set includes Cinema4D for modelling and animation, Redshift 3D for the renders and After Effects for everything related to both compositing and 2D animation.
Xparticles and TurbulenceFD are my tools of choice when it comes to create visual effects inside Cinema4D and the Trapcode Suite (Particular, Form) is my go-to solution for everything involving particles inside After Effects.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I am also open to any suggestions regarding a permanent position as Motion Designer.

Contact: matthieuchauvirey@gmail.com